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It’s me, Welsh Corgi Pembroke, Wales aristocrat but also unmatched farmer and shepherd, strong and muscular but at the same time gentle and affectionate regular visitor of salons, British Queen’s Elisabeth II favorite dog. And these are my friends: Marzena, Łukasz and Aleksandra.

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Cynologia is not only breeding, sport, working with a dog, hunting but also competition at exhibitions and shows. There, to select the Winner, a Judge is needed who uses all his senses and heart to make the best choice. In this section you can rate my choices!


Puppies – “miracle of nature”. Here you will find detailed information about litters and our breeding plans.

Academia Canis in the world

USA, Canada, Thailand, Korea, Ireland, Russia, Germany are just some of the countries where our children are living. But there are many more places, see for yourself

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Our dogs travel with us and visit always very interesting and sometimes even strange places. See for yourself where we were recently.