About us

Our history goes far back in the past. Everything started in 1970. At the very beginning my uncle with my father took up breeding German Shephard. Then, after several years living with us Polish Lowland Sheepdogs, then we had also female Polish Tatra Shepeherd “Zbójkę” and Maya – lamented bitch Pembroke Welsh Corgi. At the beginning of 90’s we started breeding Caucasian Shepherd Dog. We had bitches: UVA, BRITTA and stud dog BARI. Brita was with us the longest. She lived 13 years. However in 2000 year we decide to come back to the races whom I met as a child – Welsh Corgi Pembroke and Tatra Shepherd. These races, much to our delight they live in our house in full symbiosis. While sharing their color and size, links: alertness, diligence, ability to make their own decisions but also tenderness and protectiveness that daily demonstrate their owner and his family.

So, every day and on christmas, at work, at home, or on holiday accompany us Welsh Corgi and Tatra Shepherds. Each year, provide us with many memorable moments when on the exhibitions won many top prizes. But kennel is not just exhibitions and demonstrations, these are also puppies. That is why from time to time babies come to our world who find their new owners not only in Poland but also in many, even exotic countries of the world. Our long-term working with dogs, studies on department of biology and cultivating of animal – Agriculture of Uniersity in Krakow – about reproduction of dogs end master work and title of Assistant of International Judge help guide us in professional kennel way. This knowledge and experience help us to learn new owners in put first steps in breeding and shows.