Corgi Spa

This spa will be the finale of our reflection. First of all the basics: from the very beginning we should get used to your pet’s care. This will result, for example, during a visit to the vet where our puppy will calmly stand on the table and allow himself to touch.

As carers, we check the condition of coat and skin, eyes, ears and feet every day. What may bother us: dull fur resulting from inadequate diet, skin changes resulting from allergies, tearful eyes as a result of e.g. dry air in the apartment, too long claws as simply negligence!

Let’s get a brush and comb, nail clippers, shampoo.

As often as possible, comb your dog to remove dead hair but also to have close contact with him. By the way, you will check the skin and coat thoroughly.

Bathing: try to bathe your puppy only when necessary. Remember that bathing too often can cause skin imbalances. First, protect his ears with cotton pads, rinse the entire body of the dog with warm water, use dog shampoo or natural soap, soap thoroughly until foam appears, rinse thoroughly with warm water, do not save, shampoo residue can be the cause of itching. After bathing, thoroughly wipe the dog with a towel and eventually start getting used to the dryer. Remember, if you want to use a dryer, do it gently so as not to frighten the puppy and of course, do not use hot air.

Cleaning ears and trimming claws please leave to the vet or person in the care room. Watch how professionals do it, maybe you will be able to do it yourself after some time 🙂

Either way, you can visit a professional dog spa from time to time. The dog will definitely benefit from it and you may look at something and learn something.