First days in new home

Let’s get to know each other: the most important thing is to properly familiarize the puppy with the new home and of course new household members, which include not only people but also other animals. It is obvious that we all want to meet a new member of our family at the same time. This is a big mistake! Let’s try to stop! Let’s spread it out, let’s approach one by one from time to time and only at the end let’s meet our toddler with other animals. Let’s not raise our puppy from the first hours in our home. Let’s give him a few days to adapt. It is important not to make sudden movements, talk calmly, not get excited. Give the puppy the opportunity to decide whether he is ready to come to us or maybe in a moment. The main thing – rush and excitement in the process of getting to know each other is unacceptable.

Toilet: take the puppy outside when you arrive. Try not to talk to him, do not distract him so that he can calmly settle himself. Teach your puppy to the toilet from the very beginning. The breeder has already taken care of it, but your home and surroundings are all news for him. Watch if the puppy has just eaten, woke up or is aroused and is looking for something, then immediately go outside with him.

First night: the best place for a puppy to spend the first night will not be a lair in the living room or a cage, but our bedroom in which the puppy will hear our breathing, even if it is snoring 🙂 Then we will be able to have constant control over what is happening.

Constant supervision, closeness of the guardian, positive attitude are necessary things in the first days of the puppy in new home.