Before corgi appears

If you are properly prepared for the arrival of the puppy at your home, you help toddler to easily acclimatize. Then this situation will be pleasant and unforgettable for you.

Home first: plants that have so far stood on the floor, try to move to a dresser or window sill. Store the cleaning products in the bathroom hide in the cupboards. Secure outlets, cables and extension cords. Remember to secure access to stairs and balconies. These are very dangerous places. Look the very small metal or plastic objects that your puppy can swallow. Remove them from the floor and all available places for the puppy. Kitchen: a puppy should not have access to “human food” and in particular chocolate, coffee, sweets, which after eating can be very dangerous for him.

Garden in front of the house: the basic thing is to protect the fence. All holes and gaps in the fence must be small enough so that the puppy cannot squeeze through them when left unattended. Pay attention to plants that have spines. Secure them with a plastic gardening net. If there is a pond in the garden, it’s best to fence them with a plastic net until the puppy grows up.

Shopping: you can buy a medium-sized bed, although it is not necessary. The puppy will find the most comfortable place in your home anyway. Equip yourself with a transport box, preferably a plastic one with IATA certificate – size 4 or 5, nail clippers, comb and brush. You will also need two medium-sized stainless steel bowls with non-slip underlay.

And we have it!